Introduction to
Seamless, Robust and Accountable

Introduction to


Seamless, Robust and Accountable

MedQLab V.2

Over the years, MedQLab’s Laboratory Information System (LIS) technology has evolved. Our team has launched a newer LIS version with a wider range of features, including electronic data capture, automated analysis, monitoring, and data sharing. These improvements significantly automate laboratory processes, reducing human errors and improving efficiency. Integration with other systems streamlines workflows and enhances inter-departmental communication.

Mobile Doctor App

MedQLab also provide with mobile acess apps, allowing laboratory staff from doctor to analyst can access full features from test results, critical notification, cumulative report and other information from their mobile devices. This has enabled laboratory staff to be more efficient and responsive, even when they are away from their workstations not to mention the patient app for result and order more easily.

Laboratory Information System

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Using MedQLab's centralized worklist from sample testing to result will ensure efficiency, and accuracy . It functions as a workflow management system, tracking real-time progress, and offers a "Fast Mode" for quicker operation.

Specimen Handling

In MedQLab, specimen handling playing a crucial role for accurate diagnostics. Our system records and tracks specimen handling, from identification to processing, ensuring reliability and ease of monitoring.


Monitoring every process is vital in MedQLab to ensure proper specimen handling from identification to validation. Our tracking systems and procedures guarantee accuracy, reliability, and secure result storage and reporting.

Quality Control

MedQLab ensures precise results with an efficient quality control module. Data quality is displayed via Levey-Jennings charts, Westgard rules, and Six Sigma, improving quality, reducing errors, and enhancing patient care and satisfaction.

Nurse Station Viewer

MedQLab is equipped with a nurse station viewer, which is a module that can be viewed directly only at the intended nurse station in real time, and the information displayed can be customized according to the hospital's request.

Management Interface System

MedQLink's interface system autonomously transfers instrument data to the LIS, ensuring uninterrupted operation even during server issues. Features include a dashboard, alerts, reports, analytics, configuration, and remote access.


MedQLab's electronic worksheet streamlines microbiologists' tasks, replacing paper records. It's user-friendly, enabling rapid observation recording, test additions, label printing, report generation, and result approval, simplifying data management while saving time.

Advance Billing

MedQLab's LIS billing system integrates payment modules, supporting cash, cards, insurance, can accept e-wallet payment including QRIS and Paylater also diverse patient groups, streamlining billing workflows, ensuring accurate charges, and optimizing the revenue cycle.

Mobile Doctor

MedQLab provides mobile access in realtime for efficient, responsive laboratory operations. From doctors to analysts, can access test results, critical notifications, reports, and patient apps conveniently on their mobile devices.

Anatomical Pathology

MedQLab's reporting module empowers pathologists with detailed patient reports. Managers access advanced tools for tracking statistics and turnaround times, optimizing laboratory workflows, and enhancing report delivery, thus benefiting patient diagnosis and treatment plans.

Blood Tranfusion Unit (UTDRS)

MedQLab's specialized module meets hospital blood banks' specific needs, enabling control over donor management, inventory, transfusion requests, and compatibility verification, streamlining the blood bank workflow

MCU (On Site Support)

MedQCare, a cutting-edge Clinical Information System (CIS), integrated with MedQlab's (LIS) can work seamlessly in medical check-ups purposes. It efficiently manages and integrates diagnostic test data, playing a pivotal role in assessing patients' health with a real time result

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